Colette Sallas


Colette Sallas was born and raised in south Louisiana, the youngest of seven children. Colette is a fourth-generation lawyer who grew up working holidays and summers in her parent’s law firm.

Always being exposed to the practice of law Colette knew that she wanted to provide a unique approach to the practice of law, one that is client focused and personal. Colette works with each client personally as a true solo practitioner handling all details of each case from start to finish.

Colette married in 1996 and moved to Texas with her husband in 1998. Denton, Texas has been her home and where she and her husband have spent the last twenty-one years raising four daughters.

A graduate of Louisiana State University and Texas A & M School of Law, Colette has been practicing law in Denton County since 2006. She began her career with local family law firm followed by a year and a half as an Assistant Attorney General in the Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division before ultimately opening her own private practice in 2010.

Additionally, Colette has been a Municipal Judge since 2010 and now serves as Presiding Judge of two Municipal Courts as well as an Associate Municipal Judge for three additional Municipal Courts.

In her private practice Colette has a special passion for the vulnerable, incapacitated and mentally ill. She fuels this passion by serving on the Denton County court appointed list for guardianships, mental health and child welfare cases. Colette believes it is vital that all individuals have a lawyer who is dedicated to providing vigorous advocacy regardless of the circumstances.

Colette holds certifications in both general and family law mediation. Colette strongly believes that mediation can be critical in preserving the family relationship by giving the parties a say so in the outcome of their case.