About Sallas Law PLLC

Sallas Law was established in 2010 in Denton, Texas. Denton is the heart of Denton County and the office of Sallas Law is conveniently located near the Denton County Courthouse.

Representing Clients Exclusively in Denton County cases

In the early years of Sallas Law Colette represented clients in multiple counties but now focuses her practice solely on Denton County cases. This focus in Denton County District and County Courts ensures that in hiring Colette you have a true Denton attorney who is familiar with the Denton Courts, Judges and practices.

Client Focused & Personal

Since its inception the practice has run as a true solo practice. Colette maintains the practice in this manner because she wants to have a true personal connection with each client. There are no filters through paralegals or assistants, if you need to talk about your case you talk to your attorney.


Running a solo practice allows Colette to practice in the areas she is passionate about and to bring personal attention and detail to every case. Colette limits her practice to Denton County to only the areas of law she truly enjoys practicing. When you hire Sallas Law you hire an attorney who pays personal attention to you and your case.


Sallas Law PLLC

525 S. Locust Street Suite 300,
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