Code Enforcement – Municipal Court

Cities have lengthy codes with numerous ordinances and the citizens within that city must abide by these laws. These ordinances are generally punishable by fines and those can be steep, in some cases up to $2,000.00.

How can a Code Enforcement Affect me?

Codes enforce everything from when your trash cans are set out to the curb to where your RV can be parked and everything in between.


Some codes that can affect you as a property owner or tenant are:


  • Junk vehicles
  • Grass & Weeds
  • Prohibited Storage
  • Animal at large
  • Animal vaccine
  • Building without a permit

Code Enforcement Officer can Issue Warnings

Often a code enforcement officer may issue a warning and give a citizen time to correct the violation. For example, if your grass is over the height allowed by the ordinance then you may be given time to bring it into compliance before a violation is issued.


If a warning is not given, you may be able to come into compliance before you go to Court and then that can be used to help try and get your case dismissed or deferred.

Even Colette got a Violation Warning

Even though Colette has been working in this are for over a decade even she has received an ordinance violation warning! This happened when her camper was parked on an unimproved surface, luckily the City gave time to correct the violation before a citation was issued.


The ordinances governing cities are so numerous it is virtually impossible for a citizen to be aware of all the possible violations. Contact Sallas Law for any needs relating to code enforcement and ordinance violations and we will work with you to come into compliance and finalize your case.