Family Law for Denton County Texas

Affordable, Reputable and Skilled Family Law Representation.

Dealing with family law cases goes to the core of who we are. It deals with our children, our property, and our daily lives. Family law in Texas includes many areas and Sallas Law can help you with all of these in Denton County including:

Child Custody

Child Custody cases are emotional and traumatic for any family. Colette is ready and able to see your case to the end regardless of the means to get there, and she will do so with a personal touch that will let you know you are cared for throughout.

Child Welfare/CPS

Child Welfare cases are critically important not only from the perspective of maintaining a family unit but also in protecting the children who are vulnerable and need compassionate, effective representation to ensure their safety and well-being.

Colette will work with compassion and understanding to reach an amicable resolution in your case.


Divorce is a difficult and emotional experience for anyone. At Sallas Law we strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients to help them through this process. You will have direct access to your attorney who will be with you every step of the way.

Child Support

Whether you are a custodial parent seeking child support for the first time, a non-custodial parent seeking a reduction in child support or a party seeking enforcement, Colette is ready and able to help with your Denton County Child Support case.

Dedicated to Preserving Families since 2006.


When a party does not follow an Order of the Court there is an option to file a Motion to Enforce the prior order. Colette has handled these cases not only as a private attorney but as an assistant attorney general in the child support division of the Attorney General’s office.

Father's Rights / Paternity

When the parents of a child are not married when the children are born the father may be left without the legal rights of a parent. Sallas Law is committed to working with Fathers to protect their rights to their children and can assist in legally establishing the relationship between a father and his child.