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Simple Will

A Last Will and Testament is something people often put off for no good reason. The process of drafting and executing a simple will, medical power of attorney, living will and statutory power of attorney is simple and quick. There is no reason to not protect your family by having these documents in place. Colette sees first-hand the expense and difficulty caused for family members left

Child Welfare  

Colette is on the Denton County court appointment list for cases brought by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, also known as CPS and she has been representing parents in working to regain custody of their children from CPS and representing children who have been removed from their parents by CPS since 2008.  These cases are critically important not only from the perspective of maintaining a family unit but also in protecting the children who are vulnerable and need compassionate, effective representation to ensure their safety and well-being. 

Child Custody 

Child custody cases are emotional and traumatic for any family.  Colette will compassionately work with you to reach an amicable resolution in your case.  Colette believes that every effort should be made to work with all parties in order to reduce trauma to the family.  Colette has been representing individuals in custody cases since 2008. 


Protecting the vulnerable and incapacitated is foremost in Colette’s heart because within her own family she has personally experienced the challenges of protecting legally incapacitated individuals. For over twelve years and continuing today, Colette handles court appointed guardianship cases. 

Mental Health  

From her own family, Colette knows the emotional, mental and financial challenges of having a loved one who suffers from mental health disorders. Colette’s desire and passion to help those suffering with mental illness drives her to serve as a defense attorney in Denton County Mental Health Court where she has been helping individuals with mental illness since 2017. 

Child Support

Colette possesses a unique edge in child support cases because of her experience as Assistant Attorney General in the Texas Office of Attorney General Child Support Division. Whether you are a custodial parent seeking child support for the first time, a non-custodial parent seeking a reduction in child support or a party seeking enforcement, Colette is ready and able to help with your case. 

Municipal Court

Serving as a Municipal Court Judge since 2010 Colette has an abundance of experience in all areas heard by these Courts including Class C misdemeanors and code violations. Although these violations are punishable by fine only, convictions in these areas can have long lasting negative effects. Contact Colette for all of your Municipal Court needs. 

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