Child Support Attorney – Denton Texas

If the parents of a child do not live together, the non-custodial parent can be ordered to pay child support. This support continues until the child reaches the age of eighteen years old, unless the child is still in high school at eighteen and then it continues until the child graduates from high school.


The non-custodial parent can also be ordered to pay health insurance premiums for the child, whether that includes enrolling the child on their own insurance plan or reimbursing the custodial parent for the cost of enrolling the child on that parent’s plan.

How is child support calculated?

There is a formula set out in the Texas Family Code that guides how child support is to be calculated.


This formula includes a percentage applied to your net income based on the number of children you are obligated to pay child support for.

Is back child support due?

The court can order that retroactive child support be paid in certain circumstances. If no prior order for support has been established retroactive child support could be owed for up to four years.

Can child support be modified?

Child support can be modified if prior order is at least three years old and the amount of support would change by at least 20% or 100.00. Child support can also be modified if there has been a material or substantial change to either the parents or the child.


It is important to note that once a child support order is I place it cannot be modified without another Court order. If a parent obligated to pay support obtains a new job that would significantly increase or decrease the amount of child support, it won’t change without a new Court order.

Can You Get Help with Enforcement?

If a parent obligated to pay child support fails to comply with the Court’s order, then an enforcement action may be filed. Penalties for enforcement include fines, court cost, attorneys and even jail time.