Divorce Attorney Colette Sallas

Divorce is a trying and traumatic experience. You want to have an attorney on your side who will be attentive every step of the way. Sallas Law has committed to proving a personal experience to each client and will do the same for you.

How long does it take to get divorce in Texas?

Texas law allows for a divorce to be finalized once the petition for divorce has been on file for at least sixty days. How long the overall divorce process depends on how much you and your spouse can agree on. The more disagreements, the longer the process will take. The more you agree on, the quicker the case can be finalized.


Because divorce is such a traumatic experience, especially when children are involved, Colette tries to decrease the drama and help the parties to come to as amicable resolution as possible.


Colette does not believe in unnecessary fighting and pettiness, and she works hard to facilitate agreement of the parties either through discussions with opposing counsel or through an alternative dispute resolution process like mediation.

Preserving the Family Unit

Preserving the family unit when children are involved is critical and amicable discussions and actions facilitate that.

Unfortunately, parties cannot always be amicable or agree. Not to fear, Colette is well equipped to walk by your side all the way through final trial if that is what it takes. It may not be the ideal resolution, but we will work together to make it through to a final order.


What happens if we can’t agree? If parties can’t agree, then we have the Court step in and hear the case.


What does Divorce look like in Court?

Divorce petition is filed.


Standing orders preserving the parties and property go into place when petition is filed. Parties can agree on Temporary Orders, or a Court hearing can be held for the Judge to order temporary orders that will stay in place while the case proceeds.


What do temporary orders address?

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Who lives in the marital residence?
  • Who pays the bills?
  • Who maintains possession of accounts or property?

Temporary Orders can stay in place while the parties try to facilitate a final order in the case. The final order can come through agreement in mediation or through a final trial where the Judge make the decisions.


Fighting is not necessary, amicable resolutions are possible, let’s work together to get you through.

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