Last Will and Testament

Simple Wills

Your family and your property are important to you, protect them with a simple will.


Everyone puts it off but there is no reason to! Everyone should have at the very minimum a simple that will allow for the simplified Texas Probate process.


Why do people put it off?

  • They think it is too expensive
  • They think they are too young
  • They think it won’t happen to them


News flash – none of us will be here forever! There is a flat fee free for preparation of simple will and estate documents. Protect your family and your property by contacting Sallas Law for our simple will package which includes;


  • simple will
  • medical power of attorney
  • durable power of attorney
  • designation of guardian.

What does preparation of a simple will entail?

All questionnaires and drafting can be done via email. Drafts of documents will be sent to you for approval. Once all documents are approved, we set a final appointment for you to come in and sign your documents

What will my will contain?

Your Last Will & Testament states to whom and how you want your property distributed. It says who you want to be in charge of taking care of your estate. It also designates a guardian for your minor children.

What other documents do I need?

It is recommended (and a part of the Sallas Law simple will package) that you have the following documents:


Medical Power of Attorney – in the event you become incapacitated this person can make medical decisions on your behalf.


Statutory Durable Power of Attorney – in the event you become incapacitated this person can act on your behalf in financial natters.


Designation of Guardian – this is a designation of who you would want to serve as your guardian in the event you were to need one.

What happens if I die without a will?

The probate process becomes lengthier and more expensive. In this case an attorney must be hired to file an application to Determine Heirship, to determine who your heirs are. Once that application is filed the Court will appoint an additional attorney to represent the unknown or incapacitated heirs.


Guess what, your estate is responsible for paying for both of these attorneys.


Not only does this process increase the time and expense of probate but dying without a will means you have no say over where who your property goes to. When you die without a will your property is distributed according to the intestacy laws of the State of Texas.


Protect you family, make sure your property is distributed as wish, contact us for a simple will package today.

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